Zeke Nierenberg


I'm a web developer and instructor at Fullstack Academy.

(2013) "Researchers, Hire Hackers" published in The Scientist

(2013) My senior thesis at Hampshire

I occasionally blog

(2013) Bachelors of the Arts, Hampshire College

I studied Computer Science and molecular biology. I TAed 6 science courses and taught 2 computer science courses outright.

(2012) NSF Four Colleges Biomathematics Fellowship. 4 College Bio-Mathmatics Consortium.

(2012) Miller Molecular Biology Award. Hampshire College.

(2011) Ingenuity Award. Hampshire College.

(2009) Non Statis Scire Scholarship: academic excellence and activism. Hampshire College.

(2009) Anne Ford & Allegra Ford National Scholarship. National Center for Learning Disabilities.

(2014) Instructor, Fullstack Academy

I teach the MEAN stack at Fullstack

(2014) Software Engineer, Fiksu

I'm a developer on the FreeMyApps Platform.

(2014) Adjunct Professor, Hampshire College

I'm teaching Web Development I. I also developed a webapp for the course

(2013) CTO, Trext, Inc

I co-founded Trext after successfully winning a second place prize at the 2012 MIT/MGH H@cking Medicine event. Trext was initially intended to be a tool to help medical professionals make field decisions by SMS in low-resource settings. It quickly morphed into a startup.

(2012) Member, Hampshire College Computational Intelligence Research Group

Worked with Lee Spector and his research group. My focus was connecting the group to chemistry research at the college. I also implemented several web based solutions that the group had never focused on before.

(2012) Intern, Center For Resuscitation Science, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Assisted in clinical research of cardiac arrest, sepsis, traumatic brain injury and more. Helped enroll critically ill patients from the Emergency Department or ICU. Participated in research group meetings.

(2011) Intern, Zovein Lab, Cardiovascular Research Institute

Investigated the role of placental vascular development on fetal outcome. Explored the causes of tamoxifen-induced pathology in mouse pregnancy. Assisted lab members with scientific and technological tasks.

(2010) Intern, Medical Informatics Team, Partners in Health

Supported the mission of PIH: to provide quality healthcare, as a right, to patients in Haiti, Rwanda and other countries. Advanced implementation of the OpenMRS platform used to track patient data for clinical and epidemiological purposes. Developed javascript library to catch errors in patient care reports. Increased French language support to proprietary software by writing code allowing thousands of pre-translated French terms to be entered into the PIH database. Designed and developed a promotional website for conference organized by PIH summer interns.

(2010) Senior Member, EMT-B, Hampshire College EMS

Responding to all levels of medical emergencies on campus. Senior member, "A-Pack," on call between 24 - 36 hours per week. Member of quality assurance committee assessing all calls' compliance with MA protocols and HCEMS policies. Developed medical informatics software for the squad to track calls.

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